Despite a wide range of ailments coming through the door of our osteopathic practice, by far and away the 3 most prevalent are: Lower back pain, Neck pain and Headaches.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent conditions people suffer from, with around 80% of the population succumbing at least once in their lives.  Pain can be from a simple mechanical strain or sprain of the joints and ligaments of the lumbar spine and its muscles.  These types of injury tend to respond well to treatment and can resolve in a few days or weeks.

Pain of a more complex nature, those originating from a spinal disc injury, can lead to pain radiating into the legs and buttocks as well as pins and needles or numbness.  These injuries can take longer to resolve but do well with regular treatment.

Neck Pain

This comes a close second to lower pack pain in the frequency presentation.  Necks can be particularly vulnerable to strain and damage because of the range of movement of which it is capable.  Strain can occur from large injury, such as a road traffic collision, or an on going strain from poor position or posture while working.

Pain and stiffness can remain local to the neck but can also extend up into the base of the skull and give headaches or into the upper back, or arms giving pins and needles and numbness.


Headaches are variable in position and can be used to identify the type of head pain.  Tension type headaches are often characterised by a vice like pain that grips the back of the head to above the eyes.  These are often caused by postural changes, stress or long hours in one position.   Migraines are characterised by a pain over or around one eye or side of the head.  Often accompanied with an avoidance of light, nausea and vomiting.

Headaches can respond well to treatment.   As osteopaths we are trying to find the underlying cause of dysfunction of the body to treat effectively.


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