Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that aims to reduce pain and discomfort by removing tension and creating strength and balance in the body. I use a holistic approach to working with you, rather than focusing on the symptoms, because your body faces lots of different challenges and changes and we want to ensure we can encourage self-healing, regulating and correcting to prevent reoccurrences or flare ups in the future.


What to expect at your appointment?

Your first appointment will last about 60 minutes and I will take a full case history of your current symptoms and general health. I will assess your posture, as well as your range of movements. This is  so I can explore the cause of the problem, because so often, it’s not where the symptoms are showing up.

I will discuss your treatment plan with you or refer you on to see your GP, if further tests need to be carried out.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me to see if Osteopathy is right for you.


Annabelle is amazing, she works on a holistic level, finding ways to improve the whole body, not just treating the symptoms. Annabelle helped resolve a lot of damage to my body.

Clare A

Annabelle is a fantastic osteopath, friendly, compassionate and very gifted in what she does.
I started seeing her several months ago for my shoulders but she quickly saw that it all stemmed from my recurring back issue. After a few treatments my shoulders have been pain free. I’ve continued to see Annabelle on and off for my back which is doing so much better than before. It’s usually when I’ve done something stupid like lifting and moving incorrectly that Annabelle has been great at fitting me in to reset my issue.
I’m so pleased to have an osteopath near me, I won’t be going elsewhere.
Emily R