Children and Babies Osteopathy


Children and young people


Cranial osteopathy is a non-invasive and gentle form of treatment that can be used on babies, children and young people. It is a holistic and relaxing form of osteopathic treatment.  A finely tuned sense of touch enables the osteopath to sense the strain patterns and dysfunctions in the body.  It’s hard when your child or young person is struggling or in pain and treating them can have a positive impact on the whole family, helping restore balance.  Babies and children get strains and tension just like us as adults which can result in discomfort and pain.  

Whether you had a long labour, an emergency or planned caesarian, or baby just seems uncomfortable.  Some parents bring their babies in after birth just for a check up, or you may have worries about something specific.  Either way we are happy to see your little one to make sure they are comfortable.   

If you’d like to know more please contact me for more details.


osteopathy for babies and children


Annabelle is amazing, she works on a holistic level, finding ways to improve the whole body, not just treating the symptoms. Annabelle helped resolve a lot of damage to my body.

Clare A

Annabelle is a fantastic osteopath, friendly, compassionate and very gifted in what she does.
I started seeing her several months ago for my shoulders but she quickly saw that it all stemmed from my recurring back issue. After a few treatments my shoulders have been pain free. I’ve continued to see Annabelle on and off for my back which is doing so much better than before. It’s usually when I’ve done something stupid like lifting and moving incorrectly that Annabelle has been great at fitting me in to reset my issue.
I’m so pleased to have an osteopath near me, I won’t be going elsewhere.
Emily R